Digital Insurance Opportunity

Emerging consumers are particularly vulnerable to risk and have limited resources to draw upon in times of need.

Innovative products and models that use widespread digital channels such as mobile phones, can help create insurance markets that protect more emerging consumers, and deliver benefits for mobile operators, insurance companies and other distribution partners.

penetration in emerging markets

Mobile penetration far surpasses insurance penetration in emerging markets and is growing rapidly.

Insurance average

Mobile subscribers

Annual growth rates

Mobile microinsurance provides access to markets that are growing far quicker than mobile operator revenues and
traditional insurance markets

Mature insurance markets 2%
Mobile operator revenues 5%
Emerging insurance markets 10%
Mobile microinsurance 100%

Estimated market potential

There is a large addressable market of unserved and underserved consumers who can benefit from digital insurance.

1.5 billion – 3 billion people

In order for the potential of digital insurance to be fully realised, consumer-centric solutions are required that deliver real impact and make long-term business sense.

We provide complete solutions including strategy, product and process design, implementation support, and technology platforms to not only introduce and grow digital insurance solutions, but also to build sustainable inclusive insurance markets. We are dedicated to providing solutions that deliver impact for our partners and for emerging consumers.

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