Airtel and Tigo, Taking Care of You when You are Too Ill to Take Care of Yourself

8th March 2018

Kigali, 7 March 2018: Tigo and Airtel Rwanda in partnership with Radiant Insurance Company, Inclusivity Solutions, and Access to Finance Rwanda have launched an exciting and ground breaking new insurance enabler called Ingoboka Cash. With Airtel and Tigo Customers and total mobile wallets of 1.4 million, Airtel and Tigo are rewarding their customers with a brand new product that further supports their commitment to the health and welfare of their customers.

The Airtel/Tigo Managing Director, Phillip Amoateng noted, ‘Our customers mean a lot to us and we are constantly thinking of ways to reward them for their loyalty. As we go into this merger with Airtel, we want to reassure our customers that we continue to put them first. Through this first and one of a kind product Ingoboka Cash, we continue to demonstrate that Rwandans’ health and welfare is important to us. Ingoboka Cash is our continued promise of care and love for our customers”.

Ingoboka Cash comprises of two insurance products developed for Tigo Cash and Airtel Money customers that help protect them in case they stay in hospital for 3 nights or more in a row. The two options, which have been developed to meet specific medical support needs, are Ingoboka Cash y’ubuntu and Ingoboka Cash yishyuwe. Through Ingoboka Cash eligible customers of Tigo Cash will be entitled to a minimum of Rwf4,000 per day to support their needs, which could include feeding, transport or even medical supplies. This benefit is paid directly to the policyholder via Tigo Cash.

Ingoboka Cash y’ubuntu is an option that is offered free for a limited period of time to Tigo Cash customers who have used Rwf 1,000 or more in airtime in the previous month. Ingoboka Cash yishyuwe is the option offered to Tigo Cash customers where a Tigo customer pays a small premium for this product in return for a larger level of insurance cover. Ingoboka Cash yishyuwe includes options for both individual and family cover.

Jeremy Leach, the Chief Executive Officer of Inclusivity said, “Inclusivity Solutions is excited by the prospect of contributing to Rwanda’s financial inclusion progress with Ingoboka Cash. Ingoboka Cash brings real social impact to those who most need it in Rwanda by providing insurance protection that is affordable and accessible for everyone. As an expert in creating digital insurance markets, Inclusivity Solutions is proud to have played a pivotal role in the design and implementation of this product in partnership with Tigo and Airtel Rwanda and Radiant Insurance, and through the support of Access to Finance Rwanda. “

Radiant Insurance Company Managing Director Marc Rugenera added “Radiant Insurance Company is thrilled to serve as the preferred local insurer responsible for underwriting the most exciting technologically based product named Ingoboka Cash. With this important initiative aimed at providing affordable insurance in collaboration with other partners like Tigo and Airtel Rwanda, Inclusivity Solutions and Access to Finance Rwanda, Radiant Insurance Company is able to help protect Rwandan citizens from potentially devastating unplanned events like sicknesses and related cases that require their financial input especially when one gets hospitalized for a long time. With this amazing insurance product, our clients are guaranteed of quick cash to help them resume their usual life without any problem. At Radiant Insurance Company, A promise is a Promise.”

Waringa Kibe the Country Director of Access to Finance Rwanda commented, “As a financial sector market facilitator, we are keen on increasing insurance penetration through digitization. We believe digitization of insurance products and services will rapidly deliver appropriate solutions for the low income people to mitigate risks and improve livelihoods in Rwanda. We are therefore grateful for the partnership between Access to Finance Rwanda, Inclusivity Solutions, Tigo, Airtel and Radiant Insurance to provide a solution designed to disrupt the insurance market and accelerate the insurance penetration in the country. At Access to Finance Rwanda, we continue to work with market players to ensure sustainability and scalability of new innovations. “