Our Company

Our company values and culture are steeped in fulfilling our passion for creating social impact through inclusive insurance

Our Vision

A world where death, disease, weather
and other risks no longer threaten livelihoods
or limit opportunities

Our Mission

To protect and enhance the quality of life
of vulnerable people through digital insurance

Our Values

We are a global company that believes in consumer-focused, locally-rooted solutions that are socially impactful and financially sustainable.

We operate with integrity and professionalism. We think deeply, act quickly, work efficiently, and deliver high quality in all we do.

We listen to and respect each other, delighting in our unique backgrounds and supporting each other professionally and personally.

We take smart risks, innovate, and remain agile to evolve our company and the industry over the long-term.

We seek out partners who share and support our values. We support their growth, solve their challenges and deliver on their aspirations.

Our Story

Based in Africa, we live and breathe
emerging markets. Our unique combination
of actuarial and data analytics capabilities,
award-winning technology platform and deep
expertise in digital insurance in emerging markets
sets us apart.

Recognition & Awards