Our Team

Inclusivity Solutions is led by an internationally renouwned team with expertise and experience across a broad range of insurance solutions, financial services, digital channels, and emerging markets


Data Analyst and Business Intelligence Lead

An experienced actuary, Zviko joins the Inclusivity Solutions team as Data Analyst and Business Intelligence Lead. In his role Zviko is responsible for developing data solutions that aid in the implementation and improvement of our product processes.

Attracted by the prospect of joining a young organisation with an ambitious vision, Zviko previously worked for The Australian Life Company in the position of Actuarial Analyst where amongst other responsibilities he undertook database programming, business intelligence software dashboard creation, project management and innovation, prophet modelling and GLM analysis.

Zimbabwean born and a linguist, Zviko is fluent in three languages and is studying Korean. He is passionate about music and dedicated to causes that help children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Actuarial Science from the University of Cape Town.