Company Overview


We work with mobile operators, insurance companies and other distribution partners to deliver insurance solutions through digital channels, that meet the needs of emerging consumers and achieve long-term social and financial impact.

We specialise in expanding insurance markets to include unserved and underserved consumers in emerging countries, who are particularly vulnerable to risk and have limited resources to draw upon in times of need. We apply expertise and experience across a broad range of insurance solutions, digital channels, and over 40 emerging markets to deliver consumer-centric solutions that use widespread digital channels, such as mobile phones, to reach the greatest number of people.

We provide complete solutions including strategy, product and process design, implementation support, and robust and agile technology platforms. We work with our partners to deliver solutions to not only introduce and grow digital insurance, but also to build sustainable inclusive insurance markets.

Inclusivity Solutions is backed by RGA Ventures (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary within the Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated group of companies (NYSE: RGA); a leader in the global life reinsurance industry. RGA serves clients from operations in 26 countries around the world, delivering expert solutions in individual life reinsurance, individual living benefits reinsurance, group reinsurance, financial solutions, facultative underwriting and product development.

why us

  • Expertise –  Internationally renowned team with expertise across a broad range of insurance solutions, financial services, digital channels and emerging markets
  • Experience – Have researched, advised and implemented digital insurance solutions in over 40 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America, and apply best practice based on lessons learnt
  • Innovation – Deliver innovation in product design and distribution through data-driven upsell / cross-sell / multi-sell approaches and linking insurance with complementary solutions for emerging consumers
  • Impact – Ability to rapidly introduce new solutions and make adjustments to maximise growth, with a focus on delivering long-term impact for our partners and for emerging consumers